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Find candidates whose skills match your best employees.

Companies often struggle with turnover and low performance due to poor job fit. Hiring decisions are based on the experience and backgrounds of candidates and subjective judgment of candidates’ abilities. But it’s a new era, and now data and neuroscience meet to solve human capital issues.

We objectively determine

characteristics of job fit.

This information, plus the candidates’ experience

and the interviewer’s judgment, makes successful

hiring for fit much more likely.

Here’s how our process works:


We use our proprietary assessment to assess a sample of your employees in the same position.

Your management rates each employee in the sample.

We correlate the data with management ratings.

We produce a short screening assessment that looks for the skills and abilities associated with your top workers.




Our process is applicable for almost all jobs, but we specifically focus on non-exempt positions.

This information, when combined with the employer's experienced judgment, creates a “fit template” that results in a better hire.


The Fast Forward Works customized process combines cutting edge neuroscience with the common sense approach of wanting to add staff that mirrors an organization's most valued employees.  

Sound interesting? 

Let’s talk about how we can help you reduce turnover and increase productivity.

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